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How to use the slitting machine
- 2019-07-11-

    Small series takes you through the safe operation of the slitter. Our operators need to understand the performance and operating rules of the equipment. Under this premise, before starting the slitter, the relevant operator must confirm whether there is a equipment maintenance mark on the machine and confirm that there is no such mark. In this case, confirm that the machine is normal and then start.

    Secondly, before starting the slitter, the machine must be maintained, and then the grease and lubricant should be added to the machine according to the quality and quantity; in addition, when we find the air When source, the oil-water separator in the equipment must first be inspected and water injected into the sedimentation cup. Make sure there are no leaks in the next step.

    Next, what we have to do is turn on the power of the slitter, which can't be officially run at this time. Before we work, we need to test the machine and make sure there are no faults. At this time, we can let the machine run at low speed for 10-20 minutes to see if there is any abnormal noise, and then proceed to the next step without any abnormality. At this time, if you need to feed, pay attention to the position of the center of the shaft, and then Adjust the position of the center of the axis. The photoelectric eye of the winder is then adjusted for sensitivity to ensure stable tracking. Determine the direction of the film roll.

    The slitter then directs the film material to the tool axis in the direction of the device. At this point, we need to open the tracking device, correctly position the film material, and then press the rubber rod to accurately determine the tool position. Then, based on the production notice and the production bill of materials, we can track the tool position to ensure its error. The difference is less than 1 mm.

    Secondly, for the metal stripping machine operating materials, the materials must be accurately inspected according to the requirements of the production materials. At this point, it is necessary to maintain the principle of consistency in material size and specifications. Finally, in the operation of the metal peeling machine, it is necessary to set the tension of the roller, the pinch roller and the swing roller. Wait, then the counter will return to zero and then set the number of rolls up the meter.