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Common faults and solutions for paper slitting machine
- 2018-12-25-

paper slitting machine has a different paper width during the slitting process. The slitter is a mechanical device that uses paper to seal the carton. The machine can realize automatic paper conveying, automatic sealing and automatic paper cutting. In the case of a slitter, the top cover can also be folded automatically, but it is inseparable from the paper regardless of the sorter used. Similarly, the paper slitter cuts the wide web and rewinds it into paper processing equipment of varying widths and diameters. So what is the widest width of the slitter?

There are two factors that determine the paper width of the paper slitter, one is the paper cutter and the other is the paper guide roller. As the name implies, the tool determines the width of the paper that can be cut, but this does not mean that the wide cutter must cut the width of the paper. In fact, a slightly narrower tool can also cut wider paper, but this leaves a little bit of paper in the cutting process, which affects the overall look. Therefore, if you need to cut wider paper or communicate with a supplier, it is recommended to replace a larger one.

If there is no problem in both cases, it may happen from the right side after the cutter has been running for a while The phenomenon of protruding paper trays has an effect on the width of the paper cut.

1. When starting the operation, the strip at the edge is not tightened and can be avoided when the machine starts cutting the strip.

2. The inner diameter of the core added to the core is too large, so that the core cannot be locked after the air shaft expands. The paper core is caused to slide during rotation to cause an offset. To solve this problem, check the inner diameter of the core when the core sleeve is in the intake shaft. size.