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Film slitting machine analysis
- 2019-01-12-

Film slitting machine can be: polyester film, aluminized film, BOPP LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other films. Mica tape and PE can also be cut into different sizes and widely used in packaging and other laminating industries.

The film slitting machine is composed of a unwinding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a winding mechanism, each functional roller, and a tension control correction and detection device. The working principle is as follows: the metallized film raw material discharged from the unwinding mechanism, through the flattening roller, the tension detecting roller, the energizing roller, the correcting system, and the cutting mechanism, after the raw materials are cut, the winding mechanism respectively winds up Standard film roll.

PLC completes the operation, controls the actions of each part, and realizes the self-diagnosis function of the system;

The touch screen acts as the human-machine interface, accepts the operator's instructions, and sets and displays various operating parameters;

The inverter drives the main drive motor to provide motion and power for each transmission mechanism;

The unwinding tension control system uses constant tension unwinding to ensure that the raw materials are not cut during the cutting process. Deformation, no wrinkle;

The winding tension control system adopts constant torque winding, so that the finished product roll is tight and the film roll end is neat;

Correction correction control The system corrects the deviation caused by various factors in the raw material or transmission process, so that the cutting edge is always kept at the center of the metallized film separator during the cutting process, ensuring the accuracy of the edge retention;

Enhanced power output 0~900V adjustable DC voltage, applied to both sides of the metallized film by the energizing roller, removes various conductive and semi-conductive impurities existing in the film medium during film transport, which can effectively improve the capacitor Quality;

The sensor detected signal is sent to the PLC to record the length of the film roll after slitting Degree, roll diameter and various motion states to achieve automatic control of the system.