Precoat film slitting machine

Precoat film slitting machine

Product Details

HG-1800SA/H Pre-coated film slitting machine is developed according to the small tension characteristics of pre-coated film. a model. The machine is equipped with a corona device, and the unwinding adopts active unwinding to precisely control the tension. Mechanical speed 400M/min.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1900mm

Split thickness: 12-150um

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slitting speed: 300m/min

unwinding diameter: φ800mm

Winding diameter: φ500mm 

1. This machine adopts the upper and lower air up shaft to rewind, and the loading and unloading of the winding is very convenient.

2. Winding magnetic powder clutch control tension (optional automatic tension device).

3. Host frequency conversion; equipped with constant speed rubber traction shaft to make the cutting speed constant.

4. It is equipped with automatic length metering, which can set a certain length and automatically stop.

5. Equipped with a round knife, a flat knife device and a side fan blown out.

6. Some of the devices are pneumatically operated by cylinders to make the operation more convenient and simple.

7. The machine unwinding uses a magnetic powder brake to control the tension.

8. The unwinding material is automatically loaded.

9. Configure photoelectric correction, which can automatically track the edge of the cut substrate for precise strip cutting.

Pre-coated film slitting machine

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