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Features of rewinding inspection machine
- 2018-10-19-

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  You understand Rewinding inspection machine? You know Rewinding inspection machine Features?   Today, Hengguang Machinery Xiaobian will come to you under the popular science, if you are interested, let's take a look!

  Friendly human-machine dialogue interface: 10.4-inch color touch screen, interface The design is convenient and concise, and the operation is more user-friendly.

  Precision AC frequency conversion system: The latest digitally controlled AC frequency conversion system with material handling, receiving and towing, with low moment of inertia, excellent torque/speed curve and high protection for safety, making TR The series digital control high-speed rewinding inspection machine can guarantee excellent rewinding quality under high-speed working conditions.

  Efficient core processing unit: The programmable controller adopts Mitsubishi's latest FX2N series PLC core processing unit, which enables the TR series digital control high-speed rewinding inspection machine to quickly realize the compensation of the moment of inertia and friction, and the winding diameter. Calculation, acceleration and deceleration, calculation of set parameters, storage of common working parameters, etc.

  Fast rectification control system: The Japanese three-bridge rectification controller is used to ensure that the TR series digital control high-speed rewinding inspection machine can accurately and quickly correct the lateral drift of the film.

  Convenient air pressure unwinding mechanism: No shaft cone top roll, equipped with 3" and 6" cones, suitable for different core diameters.

  Testing agency: fixed stroboscope (imported lamp), while reserved for the installation of still images, online detection system, can be expanded to Inspection machine.

  Guide roller with dynamic balance and surface hard oxidation treatment: Guarantees high stability of TR series digital control high-speed rewinding inspection machine under high-speed working conditions and prolongs component life

  Forward and reverse function and meter function: easy to reject and statistics.