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Note on the use of slitting machine
- 2019-06-19-

Slitting machine use precautions

1. The power supply of the cutting machine adopts three-phase four-wire system (AC380V), which is safely grounded to ensure the safety of operators.

2. The speed of the main unit should be the lowest before starting the machine.

3. Regular maintenance should be carried out where fuel is needed.

4. The spindle and the round knife are controlled by a stepless speed change system, which can adjust the high and low process speeds to achieve positive and negative switching.

5, using double-sided grinding system and diamond grinding, the service life of the grinding wheel can reach two years, no need to dismantle the blade. It can sharpen the knife and keep the blade sharp for a long time to achieve the best cutting quality. It also has the ability to vacuum and keep the fabric and track clean.

6, using imported ball guides, parallel advance cutting width, with imported precision ball screw and guide rail, control cutting width and 0.1 mm, to achieve high-precision cutting.

7. Adopt imported ball slider, parallel advance cutting, stepless adjustment of imported AC motor adjustment system, control cutting speed translation, not easy to wear, and achieve high quality slicing.

8. The operation interface of the slitting machine adopts the LCD Chinese display, which can directly input multiple load cutting width and quantity settings, with manual and automatic conversion functions.

9, using fast unloading design, one step in place. Feeding and cutting can only be done in one action.

Cutting machine daily maintenance

Do the following five points for the routine maintenance of the slitting machine.

First of all, it is necessary to regularly clean and inspect electrical components to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.

Second, the use of slitting machines relies on longitudinal and cross-cutting machines, so high-quality longitudinal and cross-cutting knives should be used.

The third is to do the daily maintenance of the slitting machine. The standard is that the sliding parts of the equipment should be smooth, clean and clean (no dust, no debris) to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

The fourth is to stop periodic and irregular inspections of rotating components (especially for real-time monitoring of consumables). Regular adjustments, periodic replacements, commutators and fine recording to extend the life of the equipment.

Fifth, in order to improve the technical quality and level of the operator of the slitting machine, the operation of the control part should be carried out by a special person. No one may operate without permission.

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