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The correct installation method of non-woven slitting machine
- 2018-11-07-

Non-woven slitting machine is equipped with a high-precision correcting device system to further ensure the cutting accuracy; the installation of the product needs to be installed according to the instructions, so as to ensure the normal operation of the product in the future. . There are many models of today's products, and with the continuous innovation of technology, the updated products are more and more satisfying people's needs, especially the company's products, performance is constantly improving.

Sonon-woven slitting machine How to install ? Today, You Zheng Hengguang Xiaobian has compiled the correct installation method for non-woven slitting machine. If you are interested, please read it together!     

1.None The spinning slitter is welded with thick steel plate to make it firm and angularly balanced, which makes the machine stable under high speed working conditions;  
2. Non-woven slitting machine uses chrome-plated steel pipes, each of which is dynamically balanced;  
3. Unwinding adopts 3 inch air-discharge reel, the maximum unwinding diameter can reach 600mm  
4. Rewinding with 3 inch air-sinking reel and magnetic powder tension controller for winding, simple cutting operation, maximum winding diameter up to 600m m; the volume is neat and tidy;    
5. Cutter can use industrial surgical blade or flat knife (artificial blade) adjustable between 18 [2] mm-1600mm;  
6. Spindle and round knife use stepless Variable speed system, can be used as high and low speed regulation and forward and reverse switching control; electronic speed control system is convenient and simple;  
7. Configure double-sided diamond grinding and sharpening system; sharpen the blade without disassembly, keep the blade sharp for a long time; Good cut quality; with dust storage to keep cloth and track clean;  
Span>8. Imported precision ball screw and slide rail Parallel advancement of the cutting width, stepless adjustment of the imported AC motor adjustment system and control of the cutting speed, so as to achieve high-precision cutting, the accuracy can be controlled within 0.1 mm.

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