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Installation and adjustment of non-woven slitter blade
- 2019-03-13-

Non-woven slitting machine Blade installation and adjustment

Non-woven fabric The cutter of the cutting machine is mounted on a roller, and the screw at one end of the guide roller can be disassembled, and the knife can be disassembled from there. This is the installation of the top knife. There is also the bottom knife, the installation of the bottom knife, you need to calculate the width to be cut, select the corresponding device. The installation of the bottom knife is based on calculating the slit width and the installation is easy.

First, install the non-woven slitter blade:

First confirm that the main motor start button is in the stop state, and confirm that the main motor pulley is at rest, the sharpened blade will be sharpened. Installed on the tool changer, and then push the tool changer together with the blade to the front of the platen cutter of the platen, set the cutting knife selection switch to the right end of the tool change position "", and rotate the hanging knife as described above. Device, raise the blade to the top position, install the blade connection screw and tighten, then loosen the two handles on the tool changer, remove the tool changer, install the remaining blade connection screws and tighten;   <>

Non-woven slitting machine

Second, correct adjustment of non-woven slitting Machine blade:

Every time a new blade is installed, or the old blade after sharpening should manually adjust the height of the knife bed to adjust the cutting amount of the blade to avoid the height of the new blade being replaced. The deeper cutting causes an accident, and the main motor must be turned off when adjusting the cutter. It can only be carried out after the operation is stopped!    

The adjustment procedure of the non-woven slitting machine is:

1. Make sure the cutting machine is in the tool change state, first stop the main motor, press the main motor stop button After confirming that the main motor is at a standstill, set the cutting tool selector switch to the middle tool change position "".

2. Determine the cutting depth of the blade: Use a socket wrench to rotate the nut on the end of the pulley to move the knife to a low point, and observe whether the blade is cut into the blade depth (normally cut into 0.5-1 mm).   If the knife edge is in contact with only one end of the blade, it can be solved by adjusting the eccentric shaft behind the main frame.   

(Remember: 1. Confirm the purpose of the operation, do not mistake or press the button 2, do not put the arm under the knife and the paper press)   Summary: in the use of slitting When it comes to machine blades, it is necessary to pay attention to the above details, in order to achieve safe production, in order to effectively improve the production and processing efficiency.

Professional analysis of the working principle of non-woven slitting machine

How to better use non-woven slitting machine A detailed understanding of the working principle of the non-woven slitting machine can only be better understood by knowing his internal structure.

1. The professional non-woven slitting machine is a kind of center drive and surface drive. Combined with high-precision variable frequency speed control technology and arc-shaped synchronous belt drive, the slitting machine achieves high winding accuracy and good stability.

2, Foshan Shengtu's slitting machine adopts PLC centralized control, very professional touch screen man-machine interface operation, according to the setting requirements of the cutting and display working parameters.

3, the raw material seat is pneumatic, photoelectric automatic tracking, and then centralized control by PLC.

4. The winding arm of the non-woven slitting machine has an independent tension function, and the tension can be adjusted separately for the film of uneven thickness or slitting different widths.