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How to carry out maintenance on the slitter
- 2019-03-08-

Introduction to the maintenance method of the slitting machine


  Slitting machine is a mechanical device that slits wide sheets of paper, mica tape or film into a plurality of narrow-width materials. Effective maintenance can effectively extend the life of the slitter. So do you know the maintenance method of the slitter?

The maintenance method of the slitter is as follows:

  Partial cleaning and inspection should be carried out regularly to remove hidden dangers in time.

  2. The use of slitting machine is done by slitting machine and cross cutting machine, so use high quality slitting knife And cross cutter.

  3. The daily maintenance of the slitting machine should be in place, and the standard is smooth, clean, clear (no dust, no debris) in place. Make sure the sliding part of the device is in good condition.

  4. It is maintenance work, and it is necessary to stop regular and irregular inspections of the rotating parts (especially for real-time monitoring of consumable parts). Regular adjustments are made, regular changes are made, commutators are carefully recorded, and the purpose of extending the service life of the equipment is achieved.

  5. Improve the technical quality and degree of the personnel who operate the slitter, and do not agree to any of the control operations. People are not allowed to operate by themselves.


Note on the use of slitting machine:

  1. Ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalents are correct and stable before starting the machine.

  2. When the slitting machine is running, avoid touching the running film roll or roll core with your hand to avoid personal injury caused by the hand being caught. .

  3. Before the equipment is ready to run, all personnel must notify the departure device to ensure personal safety before starting the operation.

  4. During the operation, it is forbidden to scratch or cut each roller core with a knife or a hard object.