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Slicing machine operating specifications
- 2019-06-19-

The roll separator is running in two steps:

1. Improve the specifications, wrap the inner and outer arms, and notify all personnel to leave the machine when the road roller is ready for operation.

2. Place the anti-climbing rod on the main console in the automatic position, ready to run, start the machine operation and start the operation.

Slitting control of roller paper separator

During the operation of the slitter, carefully observe the cutting effect, the correct cutting speed, the unwinding tension, the contact pressure and the bending roll, the traction roll side material and the leading edge device for proper adjustment and control.

The roll cutter feeds the film into the roll cutter.

1. Feeding: The reduction plan, according to the individual requirements, according to the traffic rules, according to the actual situation, take the appropriate mother roll on the time hanger, according to the inside and outside of the corona surface, placed on the reel rack of a beauty paper slitter Upper and clamp the steel core and steel core bracket. M and the left lane with control buttons.

2, transmembrane: If there is no film mold machine, the film should pass. The original film is attached to the eyelet of the film-through chain by using the function keys of the film-piercing device and the slitter. The film is evenly distributed on the drum along the slitting process by the film button.

3. Operation process of the film: When the roller paper cutter has a film and a roll gap, when the vacuum sealing film sleeve is used, the film on the first pulling roller of the paper cutter is flattened, and the vacuum pumping film is activated to make the film in the film. The stage can be accessed, double-sided tape is attached, and the excess film under the tape is cut. f. The film on the release frame is flattened and the lower vacuum pump is started. The film is flattened and adsorbed, the film layer is scored and the film is smooth, the seams should be neat, wrinkle-proof, and then the vacuum pump is turned off, and the worktable opens the film to the non-working position.