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Film slitting machine
- 2018-12-25-

Film slitting machine can be: polyester film, aluminized film, BOPP LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other films. The film slitting machine has compact and reasonable structure and beautiful appearance; the base and side plates are cast by gray iron, which is firm and reliable. The winding adopts the winding method of the upper and lower double air rising shafts in the same direction, the clamping of the winding and unwinding, and the movement of the cutter shaft and the pressure roller are all pneumatically controlled, and the operation is simple and quick. Single-motor variable frequency drive, synchronous belt drive, stable and reliable operation, low noise; tension control magnetic powder clutch winding, magnetic powder brake unwinding, high tension control accuracy, fast response, wide adjustable range; unwinding using advanced analog photoelectric automatic correction The system has a static elimination device, a blowing device, and an automatic metering of the winding. Each function can be configured according to customer requirements.

Film slitter use:

 Fixed slitting and rewinding for substrates such as film/paper.

Film slitting machine Features:

1, AC motor frequency conversion control, stable operation, configuration of two-stage counter, automatic counting length, automatic stop brake

2, double-axis center winding, single-side unloading structure

3, automatic winding tension control, with digital display, Easy to adjust

4. Unwinding optional automatic correction system (EPC or LPC)

< p="">5, the winding is equipped with a pressure roller to ensure that the end face of the material is flat.

Film slitting machine features:

1. This machine adopts the upper and lower air up shaft to rewind, and the loading and unloading of the winding is very convenient.

2. Winding magnetic powder clutch control tension (optional automatic tension device).

3. Mainframe frequency control; equipped with constant speed rubber traction roller to make the cutting speed constant.

4. With automatic length metering, you can set a certain length of automatic shutdown and other functions.

5. Equipped with a round knife, flat knife device and edge fan blown out.

6. Some of the devices are pneumatically operated to make the operation more convenient and simple.

7. The machine unwinds the magnetic powder brake to control the tension.

8. The unwinding material is automatically loaded.

9. Equipped with photoelectric rectification, it can automatically track the edge of the cut substrate for precise strip cutting.

Film slitting machine technical parameters:

Machine model HFQII-1300 HFQII-1600 HFQII-2000 HFQII-2500 

Maximum width of slitting coil (mm) 1300 1600 2000 2500 

Roll width after slitting ( Mm) 50-1200 50-1300 200-1500 400-1800 

Maximum winding diameter (mm) Ф450 

Maximum unwinding diameter (mm) Ф800 

Rewinding core diameter (inches) 3 

Rewinding core diameter (inches) 3,6 


slitting speed (m/min) 5-265 5-265 5- 265 5-200 

slitting film thickness 10-150um 


correction error (mm) ≤±1  ;


Magnetic Clutch (NM) 50 100 100 100 

Magnetic Powder Brake (Nm) 50 100 100 100 

Input power three-phase five-wire five-line (one grounded one grounded) 380v50/60Hz 

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Induced draft fan power (kw) 1.1 

Total power (kw) ≈4.5 ≈7 ≈7 ≈9 

Total weight ( Kg) ≈2500 ≈3000 ≈3500 ≈4000 

Dimensions (L×W×H) 2500×2300×1500 2800 ×2400×1500 3200×2400×1500 3700×2500×1500