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The quality of rewinding of high speed winder is related to those factors
- 2019-01-23-
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High-speed rewinding machine is the quality of rewinding related to those factors?

1. The tension control of the unwinding should prevent the rewinding tension from being changed as much as possible during the rewinding of a set of paper rolls to ensure that the rewinding machine is evenly and uniformly inside and outside. Secondly, in the rewinding process, if the tension of the paper web is too small, the paper roll will be loose or slip on the bottom roller, forming wrinkles, paper staggering and other paper diseases. The tension control is too large, and it will form a blast or damage the core. Therefore, it is necessary to make the paper frame in the rewinding operation process, the practical control value of the tension is stable and the inertial instantaneous compensation controller with excellent debugging in the tension closed-loop control system is necessary.

2. The line pressure of the platen roller, the platen roller presses the paper roll during the rewinding process, during the initial period of the rewinding, The platen roller supplies the rated load of the paper roll, and the front and rear bottom rollers together provide a rewinding force to the paper roll. With the addition of the winding diameter, the orientation of the platen roller is gradually increased, and the load supplied by the platen roller is gradually reduced. When the winding diameter reaches a certain value, the load applied by the platen roller is zero, and at this moment, it is only used as a hold. The device for the orientation of the paper roll exists. The pressure control procedure of the platen roller must be selected based on the paper quality and the final diameter. Under normal circumstances, the pressure of the platen roller is automatically controlled according to the preset pressure curve, and the operator does not need to change it.

3, the speed difference between the front and rear support rollers. The speed difference of the backup roller forms a rewinding force, and the size of the rewinding force determines the thickness of the paper winding, and the rewinding force of the rewinding machine can increase the tightness of the paper roll.