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Precautions for the use of non-woven slitting machine
- 2018-11-07-

Do you know non-woven slitting machine? AboutUse of non-woven slitting machine, < pan="">You knowWhat do we need to pay attention to?? Today, You Zheng Hengguang Xiaobian has compiled the precautions for the use of non-woven slitting machine. If you are interested, read it together!   

Firstnonwoven slitting machineThe power supply of the machine uses three-phase four-wire system and is safely grounded to ensure the safety of the operator. The host speed should first be adjusted to the minimum speed before starting up. Be careful when installing the blade to avoid blade scratching.  

The place where the machine needs to be refueled should be regularly maintained. The spindle and the circular knife use a continuously variable transmission system, which can work with high and low speed regulation and forward and reverse switching control.

< span="" style="font-family: Times New Roman">The double-sided sharpening system is equipped with diamond grinding. The life of the grinding wheel can be up to two years, and the blade does not need to be disassembled. The knife can be sharpened and the blade is sharp for a long time to achieve the best cutting quality. It is also equipped with a vacuum cleaner to keep the fabric and track clean. Imported ball slides are used to parallelly advance the cutting width, and the imported precision ball screw and slide rails are used to control the cutting width and 0.1 mm for high-precision cutting.  

Using imported ball slides, parallel propulsion cutting and stable use of imported AC motor adjustment system stepless adjustment control cutting speed translation and not easy to wear, to achieve high quality cutting. The operation interface uses the LCD Chinese display, which can directly input several kinds of cutting width and quantity settings, and has manual and automatic conversion functions. With a fast material discharge design, one step is in place. Loading and unloading can be done in one operation.

The above is all the contents of my compilation, I want to know more about the non-woven slitting machine to pay attention to our official website of You Zheng Hengguang!