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The reason for the poor cutting width of the slitter
- 2019-02-26-

In the process of cutting machine equipment, due to certain factors, resulting in

The width of the strip is not precise enough. This will affect the shear quality of the strip, so

needs to be avoided. Next, we will briefly analyze the main reason why the slitting width of the slitter is

. First of all, if the tool has a lateral swing problem

during the operation of the slitter device, it will result in dimensional defects such as the lateral swing of the tool and the outer diameter of the tool. /p>

Inch is different and bad. Since the lateral swing value of the tool cannot be zero. Usually, the lateral sway value of the load

is about 0.03-0.05 mm. The reason is the thickness of the knife, the inner diameter, the width of the spacer sleeve, etc.

precision error, warpage caused by lateral stress when the thick plate is sheared.

Secondly, during the production of the slitter equipment, due to the lateral warpage of the steel sheet,

caused a poor width dimension. This is because the product cut in the lateral warping state

is measured larger than the knife setting.

The third is due to the production and operation of the slitter equipment, in which spacer sleeves, cutters, etc. exist

certain matching errors. In general, the thickness accuracy of the spacer sleeve and the cutter is 0.005

. When the number of pieces is large with the knife, the cumulative error becomes large.

The third reason is due to poor upper tolerance setting. It should be noted that the width of the product cut by the slitter

is always slightly lower than the tolerance of the product side of the knife. Therefore, it is necessary to predict in advance

to the extent of this difference. Refer to the dimensions of the spacer sleeve when the knife is placed on the side of the product.

The cutting method used should be considered later. In comparison, if the slitter equipment adopts

straight-pull shearing, then the tension of the coil will increase, the lateral warp will disappear, and the size will also go down.