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The core and advantages of web slitter
- 2018-12-12-

You know the web slitting machine? You knowThe core and advantages of the web slitting machine< pan="">? TodayTime Automation Xiaobian is the core and advantage of the popular paper slitting machine Information on this If you are interested, let's take a look!

  volume The paper tube slitting machine is a powerful one in the reel cutting equipment. It has the characteristics of stable operation, convenient operation, fast speed, high precision, strong adaptability and high output. Industry trade, the printing industry is widely used.

Reel Splitters The core mechanism becomes the unwinding section, including unwinding, pulling and slitting. Unwinding is a passive unwinding by pulling. The web slitting machine requires extremely high traction and slitting.

1. The overall system has a high slitting speed and runs at low speed in the weak magnetic zone. The same, the response is fast and the speed is stable.

2. The traction section adjusts the slitting speed according to the speed given by the user to ensure smooth operation and noise. small.

3. The knife roll is set according to the cutting speed, the cutting length and the number of the knife to control the speed, cut The paper length is accurate and the error is within 0.5mm.

The GK800 driver controls the roll of the web slitter, which has the following advantages in use: /span>

1.   Low, medium and high speed tuning through high precision vector control and unique field weakening control The speed is not differentiated and the response speed is fast.

2.  Precision position control, stable speed, smooth paper after cutting, no burrs, The error is controlled within 0.3mm.

3.   dynamically modify the electronic gear parameters in the inverter according to the length of the paper to achieve real-time adjustment Knife roll speed purpose.

4.   Real-time synchronization with traction motor, pulse error within 4; smooth start and stop process There is no difference between the accuracy of slitting paper and high speed.


Okay, the above isYouzhen Hengguang MachineryAll edited by Xiaobian today,Scissors< span="" style="font-family: Times New Roman">The scope of application is quite wide now. I want to know more about slitting machineInformationLet us followYou Zheng Hengguang MachineryThe official website, interested If you can, you can call the hotline directly!