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The machine characteristics of the slitter rewinder
- 2018-12-05-
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Do you know slitter rewinder? You know slitting and rewinder? TodayYouzhen Hengguang Machinery Xiaobian is coming for everyone's scienceAbout slitting and rewinderInformation, if you are interested, let's take a look!

  slitting and rewinder

1. Winding with 3 inch inflation reel and magnetic powder tension controller winding, slitting operation is simple, the maximum winding diameter can reach 600mm; the winding is beautiful and neat;

2. Cutter can use industrial surgical blade or flat knife (artificial blade) ) adjustable cutter between 18[2] mm-1600mm;

3. Spindle and round knife use stepless speed change system, can be used as high and low speed regulation and forward and reverse switching control; electronic speed control system is convenient and simple;

4. Configure double-sided diamond grinding and sharpening system; sharpen the blade without disassembly, keeping the blade long-term To achieve the best cutting quality; with a vacuum load to keep the fabric and track clean;

5. Imported precision ball screw and slide rail, parallel advancement cutting width, imported AC motor adjustment system stepless adjustment and control cutting speed, thus achieving high precision cutting, precision Can be controlled within 0.1 mm;

6. Equipped with high precision Correction device system to further ensure cutting accuracy;

The structural advantages of the slitter rewinder:

The middle of the slitter-winder is equipped with a spindle for processing paper tubes. The front end of the spindle is fixed to the base with a set of bearings. a pulley is installed in the middle of a set of bearings; in proximity The position of the seat is mounted compression cylinder, the upper end of the support rods have a support bar mounted cylinders bearing supporting the spindle .

The main cutter shaft is mounted on the upper end of the slitting and rewinder, and is arranged on several blades and arranged according to a certain gap; also set at the top of the slitter rewinder The support frame of the main cutter shaft is provided with a support cylinder in the middle of the support frame.

slitting and rewinderOkay, the above is You Zheng Hengguang Machinery Xiaobian is all introduced today, cut Rewinding technology is now widely used. For more information about slitting and rewinderInformationLet us followYou Zhengheng Optical MachineryThe official website, if you are interested, you can call directly Hotline!