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The advantages of slitter rewinder
- 2018-11-29-

< p="" style="text-indent: 0">  You understand< pan="">Slice rewinder < trong="">? You know slitting rewinder advantages? TodayYou Zheng HengguangSmall series is coming for everyone's scienceInformation about the advantages of Split Winder If you are interested, let's take a look!

  Split rewinder has the following advantages:

   1. The operation is simple, one can open one machine or even several machines, avoiding waste of human resources and saving production costs.

  2. The man-machine interface control with integrated program setting, data acquisition, setting is simpler, and it is more reasonable to adjust at any time during the cutting process.  

  3. It adopts PLC imported from Europe, America and Japan, the whole machine is electric, pneumatic parts, seals, bearings and other important or high wear parts, increasing the reliability of the web slitter and prolonging the service life of the machinery. Enjoy lifelong maintenance.  

  4. Set the automatic alarm system. Once the fault occurs, the warning signal will sound, and the fault diagnosis report will be displayed on the man-machine interface. The operator can quickly find the cause of the fault and eliminate it through the fault report. It is easier to restart the system. That is, when there is a problem with the machine setting, only the paper roll slitter is turned off, and everything can be returned to the initial setting.

  5. The diagonal automatic angular adjustment system is simple, precise and convenient.  

Okay, the above is You Zheng Hengguang Xiaobian is all introduced today,< pan="">Slice rewinder < trong="">The scope of application is quite wide now, I want to know more about slitting and rewinder InterestFollow usYou Zheng Hengguang official website, if you are interested, you can call the hotline directly!

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