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Scissing process of slitting and rewinder
- 2018-12-12-

You know Slice rewinder ? You know slitting and rewinderTodayTime Automation Xiaobian is coming for everyone's popular science slitting and rewinder the information on the cutting process If you are interested, let's take a look!

slitting and rewinder

1 , overview

slitting is in the production of soft packs An indispensable process, with the increasing application of automated packaging equipment, more and more flexible packaging materials are shipped from the film, and the required cutting quality and precision are also getting higher and higher. On the other hand, the soft pack material itself is more diversified, and the types of materials are also more and more, and the material without the characteristic has higher and higher requirements for slitting.

The cutting process is The large roll of the original film is cut into the required specifications by slitting and rewinder, and the equipment used for slitting is more than the slitter.

Processing in soft pack materials In the process, the effect of slitting is as follows:

1. trimming; Process edge material required for production in the next process

2. Cutting; The slitting is divided into a plurality of small rolls of material to meet the packaging specifications.

3. Volume; divide large diameter material into multiple rolls of small diameter material for easy use.

4. Rewinding; making the material change direction and winding the untidy material neatly, making small Roll into a large volume and so on.

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