High speed bronzing film slitting machine

High speed bronzing film slitting machine

Product Details

HG-2000SA/H High-speed bronzing film slitting machine is developed by our company according to the characteristics of bronzing film. A model. The unwinding of the machine uses an automatic screw to adjust the unwinding width. The receiving platform adopts the air suction type and uses a double crimping machine to synchronize with the machine. The whole machine adopts imported servo system, mechanical speed 500M/min.


Technical parameters:

Roll width:2100mm

cut thickness:12-200um

cutting speed:450m/min

< span="" style="font-family: 宋体;">Rewinding diameter:φ800mm

Rewinding diameter:φ500mm 

The machine adopts computer control, single and double photoelectric tracking correction system, and the winding tension control is composed of magnetic powder clutch and tension controller. The unwinding tension is controlled by a magnetic powder brake and fully automatic tension. The reel adopts an air-expansion shaft and cooperates with the automatic air pressure to make the reel automatically lift. The inverter controls the working speed of the whole machine and is equipped with an automatic metering device. The utility model has the advantages that the slit is smooth, the winding end surface is neat, and the subsequent processing is facilitated.

High-speed bronzing film slitting

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