Cell film slitting machine

Cell film slitting machine

Product Details

HG-1300SH PVC film slitting machine is developed by our company according to the characteristics of the double layer of the membrane. model. The machine is divided into inner and outer sides, which can realize the function of cutting multiple volumes at a time. Cutting speed 300M/min.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1400mm

Split thickness: 30-300um

Split speed: 300m/min

Rewinding diameter: φ1000mm

Winding diameter: φ600mm 

This machine is mainly used to cut large-format non-woven fabrics into A variety of small-width non-woven fabrics of different widths for processing non-woven products use Hebei Cangzhou equipment using motor speed paper cutting machine feeding constant tension control slitting machine air knife cutting, winding pressure and other devices, after cutting The winding tension is adjustable, and the cutting end face is flat. The equipment is of high quality and beautiful in appearance, and is an ideal equipment for large-scale non-woven cutting. In addition, according to the needs of users, the device can also add a virtual cut function, that is, the original cloth is cut and then re-rolled.

tube slitting machine

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