Sun back film slitting machine

Sun back film slitting machine

Product Details

HG-1300SG solar back film slitting machine is developed by our company according to the characteristics of solar backing material Model. The machine is compact in structure, and the unwinding is accompanied by an observation light box, which is convenient for the human eye to observe the defect position of the material. Cutting speed 200M/min.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1400mm

Split thickness: 30-350um

Split speed: 200m/min

Rewinding diameter: φ1000mm

Winding diameter: φ600mm 

Performance and characteristics: 

1, the machine adopts center winding and surface contact and winding method 

2 PLC centralized control, and use the touch screen man-machine interface to carry out centralized operation of the whole machine 

3, automatic metering, alarm and other functions; 

4, winding using A B, air expansion shaft structure, convenient loading and unloading operation;  

5, unwinding using photoelectric automatic correction correction system, so that irregular materials can be cut normally 

6, Flat knife slitting automatic waste discharge device 

7, manual feeding, air distribution axis (3 inches).

sun back film slitting machine

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