non-woven slitting machine

non-woven slitting machine

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non-woven slitting machine

HG-1300SP Non-woven slitting The machine is a surface coiling model developed by our company according to the characteristics of the non-woven fabric. The unwinding of the machine is controlled by hydraulic pressure, and the winding is carried out by surface winding to realize the winding of large winding diameter. Compact structure and easy operation.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1400mm

Split thickness: 20-200um

Split speed: 300m/min

Rewinding diameter: φ900mm


Winding diameter: φ900mm

The non-woven slitting machine is mainly used for slitting wide and wide web into various narrow webs suitable for production, and the slitting process includes two processes of unwinding and winding. Tension control of unwinding and rewinding is a key part of the slitting machine. The non-woven fabric cutting is based on the original electronic control system to increase the automatic edge control, achieves the desired effect, improves the machine performance, and makes the machine more stable and durable in high-speed operation.

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