Peeling slitting and rewinding machine

Peeling slitting and rewinding machine

Product Details

HG-1300SA Stripping and slitting rewinder A multi-function machine developed according to the characteristics of the protective film . The whole machine can peel off the protective film at the same time, and can cut and cut, the two total processes are combined into one, which greatly improves the production efficiency.


Technical parameters:

roller width: 1400mm

cutting thickness:12-300um

cutting speed:150m/min

Rewinding diameter:φ800mm

Finished film winding diameter :φ300mm

Leave Film rewinding diameter: φ600mm

This machine is mainly used for coating of reel material The layer needs to be stripped and transferred to separate, rewind or slit the equipment. It is widely used in the processing of materials such as reflective materials and aluminum-plated paper. It has smooth winding, stable speed, advanced control, convenient operation and low price.

peel-cutting rewinder


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