Leaves High Speed Slitting Machine

Leaves High Speed Slitting Machine

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HG-1350SP Tetra Pak high-speed slitting machine is mainly used for the large diameter and large tension of Tetra Pak industry. Developed slitting machine. The whole machine adopts servo control, the cutting speed is up to 400M/min, and the imported pneumatic slitting knife is used for cutting, which is convenient and quick. The fully automatic adjustable angle ironing platform is configured to make the receiving material more flat and firm.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1450mm

Split thickness: 30-500um

slitting speed: 400m/min

unwinding diameter: φ1800mm


Winding diameter: φ1600mm

1. The machine adopts German Siemens PLC touch screen control, automatic taper tension and center surface winding.

2. The main engine adopts three-motor servo control to maintain balanced operation during acceleration. Automatic meter alarm function.

3. The winding adopts the A and B air-expansion shaft structures before and after the winding, and the linear guide rail is used for automatic unloading.

4. Unwinding adopts automatic correction correction system to make irregular materials cut normally.

5. The waste edge is removed by high-pressure fan automatic suction and shredded paper.

6. Unwinding adopts hydraulic shaftless automatic feeding device.

利乐包high speed slitting machine


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