High-speed slitting machine

High-speed slitting machine

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High-speed slitter

HG-2600SA High Speed Servo Control The slitting machine is mainly developed for large diameter and wide material. The machine adopts the latest foreign drive and control technology, and adopts the optimized mechanical and electrical configuration, which makes the machine highly automated, stable in operation, compact in structure, tidy in receiving, uniform in tension and convenient in operation. It is an ideal for the soft pack winding industry. Slitting equipment. The machine adopts the latest Siemens servo drive and control technology from abroad, and the mechanical speed is up to 700M/min.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 2700mm

Split thickness: 12-150um

Split speed: 600m/min

Rewinding diameter: φ1200mm


Winding diameter: φ1000mm

This machine absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad, adopts imported servo system and frequency converter to adjust speed, cut paper speed is fast and stable, high precision cutting knife, cutting precision is accurate and high; Germany Siemens PLC data processing, fast running speed, full set of hydraulic shaftless Paper holder, easy to load paper; disc brake, automatic tension control system, reasonable paper core bending and straightening mechanism to ensure paper leveling;    double touch screen, double-segment conveyor belt, double-sided vacuum (paper scraps ) Processing, automatic counting, number of shutdowns, automatic insertion of labels, automatic stacking and accumulation of paper, high-efficiency positioning and automatic neat delivery on four sides; centralized control of light-touch computer interface, easy operation, low labor intensity, paper mill, printing Factory, packaging material factory, paper trader Sub-section processing equipment for web and roll materials.

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