Hangzhou high speed slitting machine

Hangzhou high speed slitting machine

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HG-1600SA/H high-speed slitting machine is mainly developed for large-diameter film and paper The machine adopts full servo drive and control technology, and the mechanical speed is up to 450M/min. Due to the large unwinding diameter, the unwinding and receiving platform is a flipping mechanism, which is convenient for receiving materials. The discharging arm is a screw moving structure and can be electric. Adjust the unwinding width. The winding is an automatic pushing structure, which reduces the manual operation intensity.

Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1700mm

Split thickness: 12-400um

Split speed: 400m/min

Unwinding diameter: φ1200mm

Winding diameter: φ600mm 

This machine adopts imported high-sensitivity gas-sensing correction detection positioning system, equipped with double-cylinder hydraulic lifting (no shaft/shaft optional) discharging rack, automatic unloading device, automatic edge material processing device, imported automatic tension control system The frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, automatic meter counting, counting and other functions, simple operation and stable performance are the best ideal products for rewinding and slitting.

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