Jiangsu High Speed Slitting Machine

Jiangsu High Speed Slitting Machine

Product Details

HG-1300SC computer-controlled high-speed slitting machine is mainly used in the field of paper slitting and film slitting. The machine unwinding adopts hydraulic unwinding, and the slitting has two methods: razor slitting and round knife slitting. The winding adopts high-precision slip shaft winding, and the unloading device is separately equipped with a discharge tray and a hydraulic lifting device. It makes the unloading convenient and quick.

Technical parameters:

Roller width: 1400mm

slitting thickness: 12-400um

slitting Speed: 400m/min

Unwinding diameter: φ800mm/φ1 


The whole machine adopts imported AC frequency conversion closed-loop control system, and is composed of automatic high-sensitivity tension control system and new high-speed PLC synchronous control system. The man-machine interface is operated centrally; High-efficiency energy-saving hot air circulation system, drying tunnel to strengthen the air intake, secondary return air and forced air exhaust device; the machine has high automation, stable performance, easy operation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

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