polarizing film slitting machine

polarizing film slitting machine

Product Details

HG-1600SB Polarizing Film Slitter is a slitting machine developed based on the characteristics of polarizing film. The whole machine combines the slitting and rewinding functions, adopts the optimized tension control system, unwinds the observation light box and the detection lamp, and controls the tension of the winding upper and lower shafts separately, which is compact in structure and convenient in operation.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1700mm

Split thickness: 30-250um

slitting speed: 80m/min

unwinding diameter: φ1000mm


Winding diameter: φ600mm

1. The main engine system adopts two-motor linkage control, the tension is stable, and the finished product is beautiful in appearance.

2. Programmable PLC taper tension control, touch screen operation (Mitsubishi PLC + Yaskawa inverter).

3. The coiling adopts a fixed shaft mode, equipped with a pressure roller mechanism, and can be selected as a pure center coiling or a center plus surface coiling.

4. The take-up shaft is standardly configured as an inflation shaft. Lamp type inspection agency (can be customized according to customer requirements).

5. It is equipped with a photoelectric automatic correcting device to ensure that the winding end face is neat and beautiful.

polarizing film slitting machine

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