Optical film peeling and laminating slitting machine

Optical film peeling and laminating slitting machine

Product Details

HG-1600SA/TH Optical film peeling and laminating slitter is a variety of functions developed based on optical film properties One machine. The unwinding of the machine is divided into two parts. The material can be peeled off and then attached. Finally, the cutting is performed. The machine combines various functions, which makes the material production process simple and convenient, and greatly improves production efficiency.


Technical parameters:

Roll width: 1700mm

Split thickness: 20-250um

slitting speed: 30m/min

first unwinding diameter: φ800mm

Second unwinding diameter: φ800mm

Winding diameter: φ800mm


Mechanical Features:

1. Unwinding adopts independent discharge rack structure, double straight feeding mechanism            ;

2. The tension and unwinding tension is controlled by electronic magnetic powder tension and automatic calculation system, and the tension is smooth            ;

3. Use upper and lower round knife slitting, high speed steel material, durable            

4. A number of special rubber wheels are used as the main transmission mechanism, and the idler part is made of anodized aluminum wheel, anti-scratch material           

5. Unwinding and edging The photoelectric edge-correcting system cooperates with ultrasonic detection of electric eyes to detect transparent and opaque materials without adjusting the detection of electric eyes                 

p>6. The winding adopts the magnetic powder clutch control, and the unwinding adopts the magnetic powder brake control           

7. Both the roll and the unwinding use an air shaft to facilitate the unloading and loading of the finished and unwinding semi-finished products.                

8. Automatic metering function, automatically decelerate and stop when the set meter length is reached, reduce material waste           

9. Host frequency conversion control, the transmission part adopts the sprocket           

10. Medium pressure fan blown out           

11. The winding form is the winding up and down axis      ;      

12. With 3 unwinding, 2 revolving inflatable 3-inch air-up shaft, plus 6-inch tube core 1 set           

13. Fitting method: the upper, middle and lower layers can work together at the same time, and can be side-by-side .

Optical film peeling and splicing machine

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