Rewinding inspection machine

Rewinding inspection machine

Product Details

HG-500RA rewinding inspection machine is a kind of development based on the rewinding requirements of narrow-width materials Model, the machine can be equipped with a strobe light human eye detection mechanism, can also achieve the function of forward and reverse, is a very cost-effective model.


Technical parameters:

Roll width:550mm

cutting thickness:12-300um

Rewinding speed:300m/min

Rewinding diameter:φ600mm

Rewinding diameter: < pan="">φ600mm

Rewinding inspection machine

Rewinding inspection machine is based on the digestion and absorption of advanced models in Europe and Japan, combined with domestic raw material characteristics, operator curve and habits, advanced three-dimensional design A new generation of rewinding inspection machine developed by technology. The machine optimizes the coordination machine, electricity, light and gas configuration, adopts the latest foreign drive and control technology, and realizes the perfect unification of operation simplicity, stability and high efficiency. It is widely used in post-printing product inspection and rewinding in the flexible packaging industry.

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