LeCroy consultation machine

LeCroy consultation machine

Product Details

HG-350RA Tetra Pillow is developed according to the needs of the Tetra Pak industry. A high-speed slitting machine with large tension and large winding diameter. The machine adopts imported servo system, the highest rewinding speed can reach 600M/min, which is the ideal rewinding inspection equipment for Tetra Pak industry.


Technical parameters:

Roll width:450mm

cutting thickness:30-500um

Rewinding speed:600m/min

Rewinding diameter:φ1200mm

< span="" style="font-family: 宋体;">winding diameter:φ1200mm

This machine analyzes and absorbs foreign advanced technology experience based on independent research and development design, integrated shaftless positioning unwinding, photoelectric hydraulic rectification, constant tension, constant speed control, hot joint platform, two flattening, pneumatic round knife, pressure It has many functions such as tight winding, follow-up winding, hydraulic unloading, automatic loading and unloading reel, fixed length parking, etc. The main parameters meet the requirements of high-speed slitting machine.


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