Hangzhou crimping machine

Hangzhou crimping machine

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HG- The RS (B) type control crimping machine uses the torque control function to synchronize with the host. The machine is simple in operation, compact in structure and cost-effective.  

The crimping machine consists of a rack, an automatic lifting mechanism, The automatic crimping mechanism is characterized by a threaded clutch welded to the frame. The main shaft is divided into five sections, three sections of straight section, two sections of threaded sections, three rotating rods are distributed at 120 degrees, one end of the rotating rod has a roller, and one end has a roller. The motor drives the spindle to move the automatic lifting mechanism and the automatic coil through the worm wheel and the worm drive. The edge mechanism works and the entire crimping process is completed automatically. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, flexible use, low cost and high efficiency. Working principle: By rotating the workpiece at high speed, the upper and lower sides of the workpiece are pressed and deformed to form a curling effect.

Crimping machine

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