Crimping machine

Crimping machine

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HG-RS (A) type crimping machine adopts variable frequency tension control system, which can realize synchronous tension control with the machine to prevent the film from being broken. It is very large for the waste material with narrow winding and easy to break. s help.  

The working process of the crimping machine: the waste edge cut by the disc shear enters the waste pit, and then the waste edge is manually Insert into the slit end of the reel, and then press the roller down by the cylinder to start the motor and the reel rotates. The waste edge is wound on the reel. As the diameter of the waste edge increases, the pressure roller is continuously raised. When the limit is reached, the proximity switch that detects the winding diameter sends a signal, and the control crimper automatically stops and sends a unwinding signal. . The press roller cylinder and the reel moving cylinder are sequentially operated, the crimping machine press roller is lifted up, the reel is taken out, and the pusher plate is pushed by the operation pusher cylinder to push the waste into the waste basket below the outlet of the crimping machine.

The general structure of the crimping machine is similar, including the reel removal device, the transmission device, the pressure roller device, the push device and the wire arranging device. Whether or not the wire arranging device is set is determined according to the positional relationship between the spool axis and the center line of the unit. When parallel, it is generally not required; when it is vertical, it must be arranged.


Crimping machine

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